All Ventilation & Extraction Ltd

Welcome to AVE Ltd. We’re a family-run business based in West Sussex and we have over 20 years of experience in the commercial ventilation and extraction industry. This covers everything from full site surveys, design, fabrication, delivery, installation and also maintenance of ventilation & extraction systems to DW172 regulations.

We’re also proud specialist metal fabricators and make bespoke ventilation and stainless steel fabricated products, as well as bespoke items such as tables and combi oven racks for commercial premises with a specific requirement.

Some of our frequent services include:

  •     Bespoke wall or centre island canopies made from 304 high grade stainless steel.
  •     Fans – Emergency fan repair/replacement.
  •     Canopy extensions to comply with current gas safe regulations.
  •     Ductwork – All our ductwork is fabricated in our factory to DW144.
  •     Fire wrap – Is used as an extra 1 or 2 hour fire protection when running ductwork through buildings where needed. We are an accredited fabricator & installer.
  •     Stainless steel wall cladding to rear of canopy which protects the walls and looks great.
  •     Odour control – Carbon filtration units, Electrostatic Filters, U.V. Filtration.
  •     Noise control – Attenuators (silencers) and internally insulated fans.
  •     Gas interlock systems – to comply with BS 6173:2009 (gas safe).
  •     Louvers – Tempered fresh air systems to give you the best working conditions.

Everything starts with an on-site survey to understand exactly what your needs are

Our professional in-house designers will then design your bespoke ventilation system, ensuring it’s efficient, unobtrusive and provides the correct extract & make up air criteria for your kitchen.

Our team of knowledgable and professional fabricators work to the highest standards, using high grade materials.

Delivery to your site is undertaken by our own team to ensure you get the right goods at a time that suits you.

Once on site, our aim is to work quickly and efficiently to ensure you are open for business as soon as possible. Our staff are highly qualified fitters with many years experience in the trade.

We pride ourselves with keeping you, the customer, happy throughout the whole process including any aftercare that is needed, such as;

  •     Emergency Fan Servicing/Replacement
  •     Carbon filter cells must be replaced every 6 months so they run efficiently; we can supply and install these for you
  •     Pre-filters for carbon filter units can be purchased from us & if replaced regularly they will prolong the life of your carbon cells
  •     Thorough cleaning of extraction systems must be carried out on a regular basis and be certified by a competent company for insurance purposes

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