Bari Bari – East London

Complete ventilation system for Ecclestone Square

  • Mechanical extract and fresh air
  • Gas interlock system
  • Powder coated ductwork
  • Scaffolding
  • 2 Stage Carbon filter unit
  • Attenuators

What was needed

All Ventilation & Extraction Ltd worked alongside the customer who had had many failed attempts at trying to get planning permission to install a commercial kitchen ventilation system in his South Korean restaurant.

What we provided

The canopy was already there so we just needed to add the ductwork, odour control and fans.

The extracted air is powered by a 560/4 GBD Helios Gigabbox Fan and the intake by a 450dia S & P short cased axial fan.

All drawings and specifications were done and handed over to the local planning authority who passed the proposed system.

Odour & Noise Control

2 Stage Carbon filter unit complete with 2 of G4 Panel filters & 5 Site safe carbon filters to eradicate smells produced from cooking.

900mm  attenuator on extract, flexible connections to both sides of extract and intake fans to reduce any vibration passing onto the ducting.

Ductwork had to rise to the top of the building so we matched the ducting colour with the real colour of the building.

Are you looking for a similar system?

If you’re looking for a similar system for your business or even some advice on your current system then don’t hesitate to get in touch.