The Black Horse – Amberley – Arundel

Complete ventilation system for Ecclestone Square

  • 4250 x 1500mm Stainless steel wall hood
  • Mechanical extract and fresh air
  • Stainless steel wall cladding
  • 2 Stage Carbon filter unit
  • Attenuator
  • High velocity discharge

What was needed

All Ventilation & Extraction Ltd worked alongside Tyrrelle Services Ltd who were the main commercial kitchen installers. We site surveyed and came up with a practical ventilation system that worked for the kitchen and ticked all the boxes for both odour and noise control.

As the ceiling height was quite low and space was tight for the extraction, odour control and fan we designed the system so as to go over the top of the centre table, this meant people would not be walking under the ductwork/fan as the lowest point would be 1000mm from the ceiling.

What we provided

4250 x 1500mm 304-grade stainless steel canopy complete with removable baffle type grease filters, bulkhead LED light fittings and removable drip trays for grease collection.

The extracted air is powered by a 560/4 GBD Helios Gigabbox fan and the intake by a 400dia Helios GBW/4 fan.

400dia in duct double deflection grilles – this was very important to have the right amount of fresh air make up as the kitchen is open to the seating area which has a huge open fire.

2 Stage Carbon filter unit complete with 2 of G4 Panel filters & 6 Site safe carbon filters to eradicate smells produced from cooking.

1200mm  attenuator on extract, flexible connections to both sides of extract and intake fans to reduce any vibration passing onto the ducting.

The ductwork then passes up through the pitched roof with attenuator and high velocity discharge

Are you looking for a similar system?

If you’re looking for a similar system for your business or even some advice on your current system then don’t hesitate to get in touch.