Broadwater Baptist Church – Worthing

Complete ventilation system for Broadwater Baptist Church

  • 2600 x 1200mm Stainless steel canopy
  • 1000 x 1000mm Stainless steel condense canopy
  • Ductwork
  • Stainless steel wall sheets

What was needed

AVE worked as a sub-contractor for MEND-ALL Catering Services Ltd who asked us to install a complete ventilation system for the church to comply with current gas safe regulations.

We were also asked to add a condense canopy for the pass through dishwasher. This was achieved by connecting the 2 canopys together using bespoke ductwork.

Stainless steel wall sheets were also needed behind both the main and condense canopy for ease of cleaning and the over all look.

What we provided

The canopy is a 2600 x 1200mm deep 304 grade stainless steel wall canopy, complete with 5 removable grease type baffle filters, 2 bulk head cool white LED light fittings & drip trays.

Both the extract and intake fans were sufficient for the new system so we didnt have to change them.

Stainless steel wall sheets were fitted to both walls. Including boxing in the pipework at low level.

Are you looking for a similar system?

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