Commercial Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

Daily use of your grease and odour extract system without proper cleaning can be very dangerous. Many think that a light and regular clean is sufficient, but don’t realise that the grease and dirt which the system has tried to extract, when subject to high temperatures, essentially becomes baked-on and will therefore remain firmly in place. This makes the filters far less effective. The extraction system will also use an unnecessary amount of energy when it’s clogged.

How often should I clean ductwork?

The regularity you need to arrange professional cleaning for your commercial kitchen ductwork depends on the frequency your kitchen is in use. As a general rule of thumb:

Every 3 months for kitchens used 12-16 hours per day
Every 6 months for kitchens used 6-12 hours per day
Every 12 months for kitchens used 2-6 hours per day

How often should I clean extractor canopy hoods and filters?

Generally, we would advise cleaning your hoods and filters yourselves daily. If your kitchen is in less frequent use, you might get away with bi-weekly.

BS4 Safer Kitchen Ventilation Doc For Advice On How To Clean

TR19 Cleaning Regs Document 

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