Commercial Kitchen Extraction Maintenance

Extraction systems are designed to extract dirt, grease and odours from well-used commercial kitchens. This naturally causes a build up within the filters and non-maintenance of the system will likely result in a flow restriction. For this reason, they require regular cleaning and maintenance, just like a car. If servicing is not undertaken expensive breakdowns will occur.

Regulatory bodies also perform regular inspections to ensure a healthy working environment and compliance with legal regulations.

Poor maintenance of ventilation systems

Commercial extraction systems which aren’t regularly maintained can quickly result in broken fans, overheating, fires and even carbon monoxide poisoning. A buildup of grease can also encourage harmful bacteria and compromise food hygiene standards.

AVE’s extraction maintenance

One of our trained engineers will attend your premises and review your system, whether or not it was designed and installed by ourselves. We will then undertake any essential repair work and discuss with you anything else we believe will be preventative of future blockages.

We also offer maintenance schedules. This will include a number of pre-planned visits each year, dependent on the size and nature of your business and, most importantly, frequency of use. 

Pre Filters

G4 panel filters to be changed monthly

Bag filters to be changed monthly

Rigid bag filters to be changed 6 monthly

Hepa filters to be changed 6 monthly


Carbon Filters

Carbon filters to be changed every 6-12 months

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?