Commercial Kitchen Extraction & Ventilation

Appropriate extraction and ventilation systems, including odour control systems are essential in commercial kitchen environments. Balanced extraction and fresh air systems are required by law, as with all new systems they also need planning permission. But most importantly, when fitted correctly, they significantly minimise the risk of fires and carbon monoxide/dioxide levels that help to ensure the safety of your staff and your customers.

Your extraction system comprises of an extraction canopy, made from 304 grade stainless steel and includes an extract fan, intake fan, heater battery, speed controllers, ducting, baffle filters, silencers, carbon filters and a gas interlock. The baffle filters need to be removed and cleaned regularly to avoid a build up of particles, grease and dirt. We are able to provide a scheduled deep clean of your canopy, ductwork and filters. The minimum deep clean requirement for light use would be every 12 months (check terms and conditions of your insurance cover) or as often as every 3 months dependant on usage and style of cooking.
All commercial kitchen cleaning operations undertaken by AVE Ltd are fully certificated.

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Gas Interlock Systems

To comply with current gas safe regulations, BS6173 & to prevent build-up of CO2 in kitchens, gas interlock systems must be installed. More information on this can be found in the HSE – Gas safety in catering and hospitality document.

Firemac fabricators & installers

AVE is approved fully trained and certified fabricators and installers of firemac ductwork which has been fire tested to BS 476: Part 24 1987 & EN 1366 Parts 1, 8 & 9.
We specialise in applications of firemac ductwork for commercial kitchen extraction & ventilation, car park extraction & ventilation. Square, spiral and oval type ductwork.

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Maintenance

Many commercial premises are unaware that you are required by law to regularly maintain the extraction system within your kitchen. We offer regular maintenance programmes for our customers, as well as one-off repairs, whether or not your extraction system was designed and installed by AVE Ltd.

Commercial Kitchen Extract Cleaning

The nature of an extraction system is to suck grease, dirt, fats and hot air from your cooking environment. After long and heavy periods of use, this can result in a build-up, which needs unblocking. For this reason, we also carry out cleaning of extraction systems for commercial kitchens.

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