Dark Kitchen Ventilation

What’s A Dark Kitchen?

Food deliveries to people’s homes has soared in popularity over the last two decades and is currently at an all time high in the UK during the Covid-19 pandemic. As more people are asked to stay home to stop the spread of the virus, the takeaway food sector is booming.

As a result of this shift in consumer behaviour, there’s a new type of kitchen setup emerging. These are known as ‘dark kitchens’, ‘virtual kitchens’ and ‘ghost kitchens’ and they solely provide space for restaurants offering home delivery of their food. These dark kitchens can facilitate a number of different restaurants and cuisines, all with the aim of supplying food by delivery service, usually for the large mobile apps such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

These dark kitchens are often found on the outskirts of busy cities and aren’t the typical bricks and mortar set up we’re familiar with – They’re commonly disused shipping containers and industrial units, in order to facilitate a number of different businesses and keep costs and overheads as low as possible.

Ventilation in Dark Kitchens

Because of the reductions in costs and overheads, it’s very easy to see why there’s been such a rise in these facilities across London.

We’re saddened to learn however that many of these premises don’t have appropriate ventilation, which would be found in a typical commercial kitchen. Many don’t have windows either, hence why they are called ‘dark kitchens’.

How AVE Are Ventilating Dark Kitchens

If you need help in this area, look no further, AVE Ltd will take the pain away from your dark kitchen.

Our initial site visit, where we will carry out an odour control risk assessment required for permitted planning permission, will determine what means of odour control your commercial kitchen ventilation system will require.

AVE Ltd can also carry out full noise assessments which may also be required for planning permission. This will determine what attenuation (silencers) you will require on your commercial kitchen supply & extract system as well as any acoustic cladding.

Our design team will then produce a full set of detailed drawings & annex b documents along with specifications for the proposed plant we will be installing in your dark kitchen i.e, acoustic type box fans, attenuators, heater batteries, electrostatic precipitator (ESP) units, ozone units & carbon filters. Other services we can provide include gas installation works as well as all of your electrical works required for dark kitchens. All of our engineers are gas safe and fully qualified electricians.

If you’re in need of ventilation experts for your dark kitchen, in and around the London & the South East area, we’d love to hear from you.

Looking For Another Service?

Commercial Kitchen Extraction & Ventilation

Any commercial premises with catering or restaurant facilities needs a bespoke kitchen extraction and ventilation system. Our customers aren’t restricted to restaurants and cafes, but bars schools and retirement homes too.

Firemac fabricators & installers

AVE is approved fully trained and certified fabricators and installers of firemac ductwork which has been fire tested to BS 476: Part 24 1987 & EN 1366 Parts 1, 8 & 9.
We specialize in applications of firemac ductwork for commercial kitchen extraction & ventilation, car park extraction & ventilation. Square, spiral and oval type ductwork.

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Maintenance

Many commercial premises are unaware that you are required by law to regularly maintain the extraction system within your kitchen. We offer regular maintenance programmes for our customers, as well as one-off repairs, whether or not your extraction system was designed and installed by AVE Ltd.

Commercial Kitchen Extract Cleaning

The nature of an extraction system is to suck grease, dirt, fats and hot air from your cooking environment. After long and heavy periods of use, this can result in a build-up, which needs unblocking. For this reason, we also carry out cleaning of extraction systems for commercial kitchens.

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?