Ecclestone Square 


Complete ventilation system for Ecclestone Square

What was needed?

AVE worked as a subcontractor to Nova Design Associates Ltd who are a well established London based shop/kitchen design and installer. We have worked alongside this company on many projects in and around central London & Brighton & Hove.

The Office Group Ltd wanted a full extraction system complete with tempered fresh air for their kitchen.

We came across a few hurdles with the local council in regards to odour issues with the building opposite being the passport office. However, we got around this by ducting up the side of the building with fire mac ducting. Giving a 2-hour fire protection needed as it was passing up the side of a fire escape.

What we provided

3500 x 1400mm 304 Grade stainless steel extraction canopy complete with stainless steel flush mounted twin fluorescent vapour proof light fitting, drip trays and baffle type filters. Fresh air plenum to front face with double deflection grilles.

Stainless steel wall sheets complete with joiners and end strips.

Tempered air via 3 phase heater battery, a removable fresh air filter to stop any dust passing into the kitchen.

Heavy duty acoustic type box fans that are so quiet we could put them in the suspended ceiling in the kitchen area.

25m of 2-hour fire protected ductwork, certified by Firemac Ltd who are our suppliers of the material. finished with 14m/s high-velocity discharge 1m above roof height.

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