Gas Interlock Systems

Introduced in 2001 and later amended in 2009, the BS6173 document outlines the gas safe legislation which needs to be adhered to for gas installations within all commercial kitchens, to prevent the build-up of CO2. One of the key points to note is that without ventilation with a gas interlock system, gas systems should not be used in such commercial kitchens.

This legislation is applicable to all commercial kitchens which have been built post-2001, or have had significant refurbishment since this time – this is then covered by BS6173:2001.

There are two different ways a gas interlock system can detect any malfunctions in ventilation. Switches in the ducting can be used to detect airflow before allowing the valves to open. Alternatively, current monitors can check for a power supply to the fan, if these fans fail, the valves will automatically close.

BS6173:2009 also states that if a commercial kitchen doesn’t have some form of flame failure device, gas proving is recommended.

Interestingly, BS6173:2009 details that a gas interlock system should be installed when a kitchen has had a major refurbishment, but DW/172 also states that any appliance in a commercial kitchen which is being replaced should utilise a gas interlock system. Interlock systems are not specific to just gas either – they should also be used with wood and charcoal systems.

More information on this can be found in the two documents below.

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