Complete ventilation system for Hickman

What was needed?

AVE worked as a subcontractor to Nova Design Associates Ltd who are a well established London based shop/kitchen design and installer. We have worked alongside this company on many projects in and around central London & Brighton & Hove.

The client wanted a full commercial kitchen extraction system complete with tempered fresh air for their kitchen that provided both cooling and heating via DX Coil, 2 of 7.5Kw Condensers & 3 phase heater battery.

Problems that we overcame

We came across a few hurdles, the main one being that the kitchen space was extremely tight with low busy ceilings, filled with cable tray, pipework and other services.

However our experienced draughtsman came up trumps and provided as always fantastic sets of drawings for both our fabricators and installers.

What we provided

  • 3000 x 1400mm 304 Grade stainless steel commercial kitchen extraction canopy complete with stainless steel flush mounted LED downlights, drip trays and baffle type filters.
  • Stainless steel wall sheets complete with joiners and end strips.
  • Tempered air handling unit (AHU) complete with EC type fan providing 60% more efficiency than a standard AC type fan. Heating and cooling via DX coil and 2 of 7.5KW condensers, 3 phase electric heater battery & bag filter. All controlled via an IPad type controller. All ductwork was then wrapped with 25mm insulation to prevent sweating and heat loss.
  • 3 Phase heavy duty acoustic type EC box fan for extraction.
  • 30m of Firemac ductwork, certified by Firemac Ltd.

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