Enoteca Rosso

Kensington High Street – London

Complete ventilation system for Enoteca Rosso

What was needed?

All Ventilation & Extraction worked alongside the main client who asked us to install a complete kitchen ventilation system for their new high-class Italian Restaurant on Kensington High Street which they were converting an old bank.

The canopy had to be large enough to fit all catering equipment needed for the kitchen & to comply with current gas safe regulations whilst also providing adequate lighting for the chefs to work.

ceiling height was low, so canopy and ductwork had to be designed and fabricated to facilitate this.

Odour & noise were a big factor in this project as the exhaust was blowing out at street level and there are flats directly above the exhaust louvre.

What we provided

The canopy is a 4500 x 1500mm deep 304-grade stainless steel wall canopy, complete with removable grease type baffle filters, bulkhead light fittings & drip trays.

The extracted air is powered by a 630/4 GBD Helios Gigabox Fan and the intake by a KRW 450 70 40 Helios duct fan.

Odour & Noise Control

2 Stage Carbon filter unit complete with 4 of G4 Panel filters & 18 Site safe carbon filters to eradicate smells produced from cooking.

1200mm Long 500x500mm attenuator on extract, 600mm long 600x300mm attenuator on intake.

flexible connections to both sides of extract and intake fans.

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