Single Phase Acoustic Centrifugal Square Duct Box Fan 450mm


This quiet, square, easy to maintain duct box fan comes in three different sizes – 400mm, 450mm and 500mm. This is the single-phase 450mm. They have been built to resist corrosion, shock, fire and condensation.

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Quiet, acoustic box fans

These fans are called acoustic fans because of their noise reduction properties. If you’re looking for high performance but low sound level, look no further. The double skin casing and panels are incredibly sturdy, as they are made from heavy-duty galvanised steel. They are then lined in 20mm of mineral wool for acoustic insulation, making this one of the quietest fans available on the market for this size and price.

Multibox fan impellers

The impellers within these fans have unique blades which curve backwards. These impellers are also made from polyamide, which is used to make Kevlar (used in bullet-proof vests). This makes them 5 times stronger than steel weight for weight. Rotor motors sit externally to the fan and the speed is fully controllable. The three-phase motors are D/Y connected for two-speed operation.

Single-phase centrifugal fan

All models incorporate a single phase, 230V 50Hz, direct-drive low pressure forward curved centrifugal fan (with scroll).


Regardless of the fan size you choose, you can set the airflow so that it’s either straight-through or bent to accommodate 90 degrees, meaning you can direct airflow and smelly odours to a convenient outlet. Flexible ventilation within these fans is a big selling point, allowing you to use these fans to the best of their ability, operating in confined spaces if required.

Box fan mounting positions

They’re incredibly versatile - You can mount these fans onto walls, position it on the floor or any other mounting position of your choice.

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Controller for this box fan

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