FRQ5-10A+LED V2 Inverter


Frequency converter, 208-480V, 4kW, 10A, IP54, 5-Step.

Works alongside our 3 phase box fans

Speed controller with 5-step switch for 3~ fan

Optimized frequency inverters for the control of one fan motor for frequency converter suitable isolation system and bearings e.g. IE2

Integrated 5-Step switch

Step0=0Hz; Step1=10Hz; Step2=20Hz; Step3=30Hz; Step4=40Hz; Step5=50Hz

Potential-free operation notification

Enable contact section

Motor protection by connecting thermostats "TB" or thermistors "TP"

Interference emission EN 61000-6-3

Interference immunity EN 61000-6-2

Parallel operation of several motors is not allowed

Max. length of contoller(poti) cable 100m

Max. length of motor cable 10m (screened)

Please note: Not suitable for external rotor motors

When operating with Explosion proof fans the FRQ has to be placed outside the EX zone!