Notting Hill, London

2 Complete ventilation systems for Teca Restaurant

What was needed?

AVE worked as a sub-contractor for Crane Catering Services Ltd who asked us to install a 2 complete ventilation systems. The first being a front of house cooking suit so the canopy would be on show for all to see. The second being in the basement kitchen for prep work.

Stainless steel wall sheets were also needed behind both the main and basement canopy for ease of cleaning and the over all look.

We were also asked to extend the existing extract ductwork above roof height and to install mechanical fresh air intake to both ground floor and basement kitchens.

What we provided

The main front of house canopy was made from 304 grade stainless steel complete with 2 flush mounted stainless steel twin fluorescent cool white lights, removable baffle filters, drip trays and 3 fresh air grills to the front face to allow for sufficient make up air needed for current gas safe regulations.

The ductwork was planned by our in house design team to fit above the ceiling so not to be on show at all. This then ran down into the basement to connect onto a second canopy. The fresh air ductwork followed the same route and finished with a grill to allow for sufficient make up air needed for current gas safe regulations.

The existing extract fan was replaced with a Helios 560/4 GBD High temp acoustic gigabox fan as it was placed directly above the canopy. Scaffolding was needed to access the top of the existing ductwork to allow us to extend it pass roof height.

The fresh air system was installed to only half way up the wall so not to take in any stagnant air from surrounding flats. The fan used was a Helios 450/4 GBD acoustic gigabox fan.


  • 3600 x 1300mm Stainless steel canopy
  • 2400 x 1200mm Stainless steel canopy
  • Ductwork
  • Extract & Intake Fans
  • Stainless steel wall sheets

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